Coaching can take place online, in person, outdoors, indoors.
It can be calm, quiet and relaxed or full on creative.
The choice is always yours where possible!

Corporate Coaching

Many people leave roles each year because they are too stressed, nearing burnout, overwhelmed.

This comes at a cost to the both the individual and the organisation. I believe that investing in coaching for managers as well as executives would reduce turnover and recruitment costs. Increase productivity, improve retention and culture.

The managers are your future executives. Invest in them today.

My coaching sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the organisation and or coachee which will be agreed ahead of the coaching sessions commencing.

I offer coaching to all levels from Manager through to CEO.

I also offer sessions to reduce the risk of burnout and managing burnout.

Vicky was my line manager for 12 months when I was Home Manager for a very busy home during lockdown.

Vicky was so supportive during this extremely busy time, if we were short of staff due to staff isolating at home she would come in and work alongside the staff and by doing this gained a lot of respect and trust from the team

Whenever I had to deal with a difficult situation she was always there to support me, Vicky was a really approachable and fair manager and a good role model.

Vicky was an inspirational leader and I have learnt a great deal from her which has now enabled me to progress into a more senior role with confidence.

Deborah Cheshire

Life Coaching

Life is pretty tough for most of us no matter who we are or what we do. Balance is the key to a good life. Maybe you are at a crossroads and need some help to discover your future you? Maybe you know where you want to go but just need some clarity around how best to get there?

My sessions are delivered in an environment to suit you where possible. There are no goals too big or small.

Coaching is one of the best investments you will make for yourself so why not book your free exploration call today?

Vicky’s enthusiasm, positivity and dedication is infectious and her mentoring skills , to get me up to speed with my sector after an 11 year absence, was just incredible. I have never looked back and still call Vicky for advice whenever I need professional advice or just that mental health support when life gets really tough.

Ella Gruse

Alcohol Free Coaching

Do you want to explore your relationship with alcohol or feel you need to take a break completely? Maybe you have stopped drinking and wonder what is next?

Why did I become AF?  My Daughter said to me one evening ‘’Mum you couldn’t live without your wine’’. I said ‘’I could’’ so we shook on it and I joined a group and pledged to give up all alcohol for a whole year and I have just celebrated my 1-year anniversary and won my bet!

Being Alcohol Free has changed my life. I have been more productive in the last 12 months than at any other time in my life. I am studying a degree in Acupuncture, I have trained to become a coach, I have got fitter and healthier, my sleep is amazing and I have the energy of a toddler.

I worked with Vicky for 3 years and always found her to be resourceful, adaptive, organised and approachable. We achieved some fantastic milestones for the company together and now she is a coach I will definitely be using her skills at some point – she remains a great friend and I’m glad to have her in my life.

Gene Smallridge (MCIPD)MA

Men’s mental health.

There is a lot of information now for men’s mental health and a lot more being done to support it but a lot more still needs to be done to enable those who need support to feel they can come forward and get that support.


I provide a safe space that is completely confidential for adults over 18 who may want to chat to someone about how they are feeling and why.